Projects at the intersection of branding, architecture and industrial design


LiveRamp’s London space showcased their unique mission statement and values. Custom graphics displayed key phrases across large communal walls, meeting rooms, phone booths and directional signage. The visual system coordinated directly with vibrant color furniture selections, which enhanced the functional qualities of the space. 

Company: Knotel (London)
Design Team: Luther Young & Emily Nokes 
Completion: November 2019



Universal McCann (UM) became the newest tenant of this NYC Financial District workspace. To define the open floor plan, I designed a series of structural and graphic elements. At the reception landing, I created a freestanding wooden slat wall that provided a clear entry point for employees and guests. I integrated the UM badge logo into the structure which reinforced the company’s branding within the material palette. I also placed wall graphics and painted columns throughout the office to create additional focal points.

Company: Knotel
Design Team: Luther Young & Emily Hastings
Completion: Jan 2019


Oracle’s NYC space centered around bright and vibrant colors. The new employees requested a fun environment that reflected the youth and diversity of their teams. All wall surfaces, glazing, furniture and acoustic treatments received a unique color palette. In the recreational space, NYC based artist Jason Naylor created custom murals. In the conference rooms, UpRise Art developed artwork packages that coordinated with the branding and interior finishes. The immersive color plan and custom artwork selections created a visual foundation for the new culture at Oracle NYC.

Company: Knotel
Design Team: Luther Young & Emily Hastings
Completion: June 2019


IBM’s NYC space balanced public and private working styles. In the large public work area, a multi-floor egress stair created constant foot traffic in the space. I designed a chain curtain system that distinguished the central structure from adjacent workstations. To balance the large neutral open space, I worked with the project interior designer to develop “quiet car” rooms. These private areas provided a space for focused work or relaxation. Each room received a unique monochrome color palette, which was applied to the walls, seating and floor surfaces.

Company: Knotel
Design: Luther Young & Monica Rivas 
Completion: May 2019